Stripping Chikan Express 15

Stripping Chikan Express 15

Sensing that Dee was embarrassed about her appearance, Helen reached out and patted her on the arm and said, “Honey, none of us are built exactly like we would like, but we have to do the best with what we've got, now I'm not going to try and tell you that you are built like Marilyn Mo?nroe, but I will say that you have a pretty nice figure and that it would be a shame to cover it up!” Dee shook her head from side to side, obviously still a little doubtful. Info link For what seemed like hours Helen nursed at the huge breast, bringing the young mother closer and closer to orgasm! Helen finally pulled away and ordered, “Enough of that for now, hon, time to get these panties off, hop to it, off with them!!!” On shaky legs, Dee teetered back and forth, but finally kicked off her panties to reveal a dark brown patch of thick pubic hair springing out from her crotch while a line of matted fur along the slit indicated that Dee's pussy was in a high state of sexual excitement! Slipping her own bra off, Helen stepped closer to Dee, took her in her arms, and gave her long deep kiss, while crushing their two chests together, nipple to nipple! Helen let her hand drop down between her legs and began an insistent probing of Dee?'s wet vagina with her middle finger, until it came to rest on her erect little clit! Dee moaned into Helen's mouth as the older woman worked her pussy into an absolute state sexual frenzy! Helen broke their kiss and leaned around to Dee's ear where she whispered hoarsely, “If you lay back on the sofa I can take care of your problem with my mouth!!!” Dee nodded vigorously, and plopped down on the couch, with her legs spread wide apart, a open invitation for Helen to orally satisfy her! Helen settled down between Dee's legs and drank in a deep breath of female aroma, the most intoxicating smell in the whole world! Helen looked up slyly at Dee and asked her pensively, “Is there anything you'd like me to do for you, dear?!?” “Jesus,” moaned Dee, while thrusting her hip towards Helen's face, “please don't make me wait, do it now, pleaseeeeeee!!!” Still in a playful mood, Helen feigned ignorance and asked innocently, “Do what dear, I don't know what you mean, you'll have to be more specific!!!” “Sweet jesus,” she groaned louder, “eat me, eat my pussy, I'm about ready to explode!!!” “Oh,” replied a very sanguine Helen, “you mean like this,” as she took a few lazy licks on Dee's crack!?!” By now Dee was about to lose her mind, and in almost a fit of rage she grabbed Helen by the hair and pulled her mouth to her gaping slit and screamed, “Eat me now, you fucking bitch, I can't take it anymore, do me now!!!” Helen chuckling to herself, quickly bored in on Dee's very needy clitoris, and gave it a hard rough licking that lasted only a few moments until the young women let out a bellowing roar that indicated her orgasm was ripping through her pulsating organ!!!

After it was over and she had returned to earth, Dee shyly apologized for her behavior, admitting that she had never cum so hard in all of her life, and for a few seconds had just gone stark raving mad! Helen selected a matching panty-bra set in mauve and holding it out for Dee to inspect while she said, “I ?think with a few little items like this, your hubby will be the one taking a trip on orgasm express, and you'll be the engineer!!!” Dee took the flimsy garments from Helen and replied, “I hope you're right, I hope you're right!!!”


Hentai: [Misaki Yukihiro] Chikan Express 15 [Chinese] [零星汉化组]

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[岬ゆきひろ]痴感エクスプレス 15[中国翻訳]

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